What NOW?!?! (for Venture)

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | October 5, 2023
what now for venture capital

In the midst of high inflation, rising (fluctuating?) interest rates and a global economic pullback, we’re right there with bankers, financial advisors, private equity executives, and other venture capitalists who are all asking, “So what NOW?!” The faster we fail, the more we learn.” Eric Ries This quote encapsulates the essence of the Lean Startup…

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Are You a HENRY?

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | August 17, 2023
HENRY high earner not rich yet

HENRYs (high earners, not rich yet) are usually younger people who’ve come into a high-earning job but spend most of their income on expenses and haven’t built up enough assets to be considered rich. But while some HENRYs may be younger (Millennials or Gen Z), I had a recent conversation with a bunch of other…

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Health for Herself at ALL Ages

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | July 27, 2023
healthy women

Human rights, theory, evidence, and common sense all suggest that greater investment in women’s health could be among the “best buys” for broader economic development and societal well-being. However, women’s health specifically is an often overlooked, yet obvious, sector for impact. We believe It offers investors the potential for outsized financial and social returns since…

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Hunters, Gatherers, and Women Warriors

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | July 20, 2023
woman hunter

At Cassandra Capital, we believe that women have earned the right to be called warriors. They have played a vital role in world wars, from being enlisted in active duty, operating as spies, or even non-military women taking up arms against militias. These might be unique examples, and are directly related to conflicts, but women…

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Female Founders, GPs, and High Conviction Portfolios

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | July 13, 2023
female founder

The following is a true exchange between a female founder and a VC: “Your message is fine,” he said. “Your pitch deck is not the issue.” “What’s the issue?” I said. “You’re a woman.” I let the words hang in the air. Finally, I said, “Seriously?” “I’ll let you in on a secret. When female…

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Diversity, Dealflow, and the “Dame” Dilemma

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | July 6, 2023

A recent meeting with a specially curated group of approximately 30 angel investors and LPs (of which I was 1 of 3 women in the room) got me thinking about VC dealflow — more specifically the lack of diversity in most dealflow — especially here in North Texas. VCs often talk about backing more diverse…

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Louboutins or Loafers?

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | June 30, 2023
Louboutins or Loafers

Let’s analyze the difference between how women (in their Louboutins) and men (sporting loafers) invest because research shows it pays to invest WITH, IN, and/or LIKE a woman. FACTS: In a nutshell, diversity finds ​alpha. So, just what is “alpha?” Alpha is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy’s ability to beat…

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When You Elevate Women, You’re in Good Company

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | May 8, 2023
elevate women

The State of Women in Business Women across all levels of organizations are switching jobs, leaving, and starting companies at the highest rates we’ve ever seen, and ambitious young (the Next Gen) women are prepared to do the same. To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies need to go beyond table stakes.…

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What is FemTech and Why Should Women Care

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | April 23, 2023
women femtech

There’s a dirty little secret in health care that doesn’t get the attention it deserves: Female patients are continuously gaslighted about their physical and mental health. Whether it’s heart disease labeled as anxiety, an autoimmune disorder attributed to depression, or ovarian cysts chalked up to “normal period pain,” many women’s health issues are likely to…

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How to Choose WHO You Pitch Your Company

By Wendi McGowan-Ellis | April 9, 2023
boardroom people

How do you recognize, target, and then successfully attract the right VC firm for your venture capital funding? Finding the right venture capital firm offers a unique set of challenges that many founders may have not yet faced. Early-stage businesses will often raise thousands of dollars from angel investors, partners, and private individuals. However, VCs…

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