Our approach is to look at how young, scaling companies are solving problems.

We intend to invest in those businesses who are putting those closest to the problem (women) closer to developing the solution.

Around the globe:

  • Women are responsible for 80% of all purchasing decisions
  • Women are responsible for 85% of all healthcare decisions

"The Future of LIVING"

FemTech, Health & Wellness, FamTech, Sustainable Construction, Smart Homes & Cities, Active Aging & Longevity, Climate Solutions, Clean Energy

"The Future of CONSUMING"

Food & AgTech, FinTech, Women’s Lifestyle, Consumer Goods, Media, DeepTech (AI, VR, AR, IoT, Data), Clean Vehicles, Robotics, Sustainable Beauty & Fashion

Women are often the group most directly impacted. Solving these problems creates investment opportunities.

Why invest across other women-led venture capital firms?

  • Exposure to various stages - Seed, Post Seed, Series A - G
  • Exposure to a wide range of industries
  • Exposure to various geographies across U.S.
  • All equaling mitigation of risk

Why convertible notes?

  • Collateral
  • Secured position
  • Flexibility to convert to equity
  • Ongoing 8% returns quarterly
  • Therefore, returns with radically reduced risk profile

Where We Invest

First Institutional Capital

We intend to invest in companies that have achieved ~$1M-$5M in revenue, with strong underlying metrics.

Lead Check & Follow

We prefer to lead with a check size ranging from $750,000 -$1.5M.

Focus Areas

We are industry agnostic, but always on the lookout for women-led companies innovating in the "Future of Living" and the "Future of Consuming" industries

“Startup teams with women founders generate more than double the revenue per dollar invested than those with all-male founders — 78 cents versus 31 cents.”

~ Katie Abouzahr et al., “Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet,” BCG Global, July 30, 2020

Our Target Funds for Investment


Portfolio Requirements

Our target venture capital firms are led by women, investing in women, and are on at least their second fund.

Our company investments have been in business in Texas for at least 3 years, have meaningful scalable growth potential, and a sustainable differentiation and value proposition.

Holding Periods

With our direct company investments, we are short-term partners for a target of 3 years maximum focused on the growth potential of a business.

Preferred Characteristics

We focus on achieving returns through innovation and revenue growth, not through cost-cutting and financial engineering.


We target businesses where the female founders and managers are maintaining significant personal investments.

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