Our mission is to "Punch Past the 3 Percent Point" of all VC investments

Women-led companies have never garnered more than 3% of all venture capital investment.

This means OPPORTUNITY with potentially significant RETURNS for our investors.

We are evangelists putting women at the core of business building and investing in new innovation. We believe that when women lead, we’ll have better companies, stronger teams, and more effective products and services that enhance our lives. And when our companies succeed, we all profit together.

  • Women control the majority of wealth in the world.
  • Women know when innovation solves a problem... and when it doesn't.
  • Women are the primary decision-makers for our families.
  • Women make better investors and investments. Really. It's proven.


 Investment Thesis:

80% of our capital is invested in multiple other U.S. women-led venture capital firms, and

20% of our portfolio is allocated to early revenue, scaling, and growth-stage women-owned and women-led companies that are focused on:

“The Future of Living” – FemTech, Health & Wellness, FamTech, Active Aging & Longevity, Smart Homes & Cities, Sustainable Construction, Climate Solutions, Clean Energy


“The Future of Consuming” – Food & AgTech, FinTech, Women's Lifestyle, Consumer Goods, Media, Deep Tech (AI, VR, AR, IoT, Data), Clean Vehicles, Robotics, Sustainable Beauty & Fashion

through venture debt options which provide nondilutive capital.

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  • Since the birth of venture capital in 1957, female-founder companies have never received more than 3% of all venture capital. At Cassandra Capital, our mission is to change that story.
  • In 2022, all-female founder teams raised only 1.9% of venture capital funding, a significant drop from the 2.4% raised in 2021.

“Women fund managers, corporate executives, landowners, and debtholders all provide investors with higher returns than do men in these positions.”

~ Katie Abouzahr et al., “Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet,” BCG Global, July 30, 2020

What We Do

Invest & Advise

We make late-Seed, early Series A capital investments in female founders and women-led businesses so they scale and succeed.

Mentor & Educate

We guide women-led businesses to effectively navigate the venture and funding community.

Connect & Promote

We capitalize on our existing networks for both female founders and investors, encouraging women to invest in women.

“Women prioritize investing their wealth in ways that would produce a positive and lasting impact on families, businesses, and society. These women view legacy as using their money to drive lasting change rather than merely making money and passing it to the next generation.”

~ Perspectives from Women of Impact: Redefining Legacy (UBS, 2019)

Why we're called Cassandra Capital...

Cassandra, a princess from the city of Troy, was the most beautiful of King Priam and Queen Hecuba’s daughters. Zeus, king of the gods, was after Cassandra, yet so was his son, Apollo.

To woo her, Apollo gave her something only a god could give — the coveted gift of seeing into the future. But when he tried to seduce her, Cassandra refused his advances.

This enraged Apollo. Instead of just taking the gift of prophecy away, he grabbed her, spat in her mouth, and put a curse on her.

“You will remain clairvoyant, Cassandra, but now, no one will listen to you. No one will believe your predictions,” he said.

So, no matter what she foresaw — from the sacking of Troy, to the death of her brothers, to the multiple tragedies that would befall her people — no one believed Cassandra. She was eventually driven mad by knowing the truth and being doubted when she spoke it.

By tapping into women’s experiences to build companies that address needs in the marketplace, we know that STORY = INFLUENCE = MONEY = FREEDOM = POWER for women and the men who choose to listen.